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Founded in the 1960s as a food bank in response to the "war on poverty", Helpline House is a community-funded non-profit agency providing a full range of services.

Basic services are provided cost-free to those in need. Needs are defined broadly, and are not always financial.

Any community member in crisis or in need of social work consultation, volunteer opportunities or other related service is welcome at Helpline House.

Helpline House is centrally located in Winslow on Knechtel Way.

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What brought neighbors to Helpline House in August 2017?
In their own words...a partial list

  • I want to take an art class and need a voucher in order to make it affordable
  • Loss of employment
  • Need assistance with getting EBT. Jobs state assistance financially, help getting GED.
  • I've had a sudden loss of three-fourths of my income due to the unexpected collapse of a small business that I expected would provide for me the rest of my life - that now seems a permanent loss.
  • Financial shortfall/mental health
  • Unemployment ending, no savings
  • Injury/ferry passes
  • Project Backpack
  • Getting daycare assistance.
  • Graphing calculator/food supplement
  • Domestic Violence: PTSD from past and childhood trauma; divorce

Social Workers noted for August:

1. Social work has been very busy issuing Parks and Recreation vouchers for the fall quarter to seniors and families. Rowing scholarships have also been popular.

2. Social work assisted Project Backpack by issuing Target gift cards to clients for school clothes. Additionally, social work has purchased several graphing calculators for high school students taking algebra classes.

3. With the start of the school year also comes applications to Boys and Girls Club scholarships for after school care. Social work has assessed many families for this scholarship.

The Food Bank/Volunteer Managers noted for August:

1. T & C had a community event/anniversary party where they had a barbeque with donations going to Helpline House. We received about $4,000 from the event - most of it as a credit on our account and a smaller portion as direct checks to us. Thank you to T & C and everyone who donated!

2. The annual Cropwalk fundraising event is set for September 24. We are doing publicity through posters, the volunteer newsletter and on Facebook.

3. The food bank is now offering vegetarian options as a result of information gained through the recent nutrition survey. Shoppers are offered extra dairy products in place of the meat choice and 10% of shoppers have elected this option.

4. Kid's Hunger Bags - project supported by Bank of America. We distributed 442 bags of kid friendly food over the summer. Thanks to Bank of America for its generous support!

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