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Founded in the 1960s as a food bank in response to the "war on poverty", Helpline House is a community-funded non-profit agency providing a full range of services.

Basic services are provided cost-free to those in need. Needs are defined broadly, and are not always financial.

Any community member in crisis or in need of social work consultation, volunteer opportunities or other related service is welcome at Helpline House.

Helpline House is centrally located in Winslow on Knechtel Way.

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Helpline staff and volunteers enjoyed participating in the Grand Old Fourth Parade.

Enjoying a warm June evening at the Bainbridge Island Classic Car Cruise In to benefit Project Backpack.


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What brought neighbors to Helpline House in July 2015?
In their own words...a partial list

  • Seeking therapy on BI
  • Community resources
  • Recently (1 year ago) moved to the island to be closer to family. Lost 1 income and other income was greatly reduced. Having a hard time paying rent, bills and child care.
  • VA Assistance with water bill
  • Family issues with adult daughter & granddaugter
  • Access application, Housing (Senior), help with job application
  • Need a clothing voucher
  • Just moved here. Need help getting into high school. Getting a job and help with place to live and food.
  • Help seeking employment, financial assistance, counciling.
  • Unemployed and out of money. Trying to get a place to live, but don't have enough money.

Social Workers noted for July:

Three clients have successfully completed the first Advanced Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) group. They have developed a connection with each other and strengthened the skills they learned in the basic group. They found the group helpful and they would like to attend the advanced group again, which we will likely offer next year.

We have an increasing amount of clients asking for Boys and Girls Club scholarships, as parents are asked to pay their past due tuition. We are assisting Boys & Girls Club to set clearer/stricter guidelines for scholarships to ensure fairness, especially for clients who have a fair amount of income.

National Night Out, at which we promoted the upcoming Project Backpack, was a big success.

The Food Bank Manager noted for July:

1. The steady increase in food bank services which peaked in October 2014 has leveled out, trending more or less steady since January of this year.

2. The food bank is closed to client service on Wednesdays in August to distribute traffic more evenly and allow more efficient re-stocking.

3. We have distributed 186 bags of kid friendly food to families with school aged children during July.

4. Local gardeners and grocers donations of fresh produce has increased dramatically, supplying a variety of items from kale to dragon fruit for clients to choose.

5. Donations of all other shelf-stable grocery items have decreased dramatically as is usual during the summer months; additional purchases of certain items has been made to ensure food bank offers foods from all basic food groups.

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