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Founded in the 1960s as a food bank in response to the "war on poverty", Helpline House is a community-funded non-profit agency providing a full range of services.

Basic services are provided cost-free to those in need. Needs are defined broadly, and are not always financial.

Any community member in crisis or in need of social work consultation, volunteer opportunities or other related service is welcome at Helpline House.

Helpline House is centrally located in Winslow on Knechtel Way.

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Helpline staff and volunteers enjoyed participating in the Grand Old Fourth Parade.

Enjoying a warm June evening at the Bainbridge Island Classic Car Cruise In to benefit Project Backpack.


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What brought neighbors to Helpline House in June 2015?
In their own words...a partial list

  • Housing, food bank, PSE assistance
  • Need rental assistance
  • I'm here looking for resources regarding housing assistance, debt counseling and child support.
  • Need help with application for Washington State Medicaid insurance, apply for food stamps, need resources for family therapy.
  • Need to get some counseling to help me cope with my divorce
  • Expecting a child, looking for information on financial aid and rights.
  • Compination of many things: herniated disc, moved, disinherited. All benefits removed. SSI: traumatic brain injury
  • D.V. and need help with housing and finding D.V. group and cost for ferry to go to surgeon.

Social Workers noted for June:

One social worker experienced a lot of requests for information on Medicare, Medicaid and medical related financial requests. We continue to have steady requests for park vouchers for kid's activities in the summer. Our funding for Salvation Army Warm Home Fund has ended. We were able to utilize most of the fund. We will not get another allotment of funding until next year.

The Food Bank Manager noted for June:

  • Donations from our farming and gardening community have been very generous during June; at most times, the produce case includes farm/garden fresh produce selections in addition to the 'day-old' produce from T&C Markets.
  • Number of households using the food bank did not increase during June. The number of households was the same as June 2014, a hopeful sign that perhaps many people are experiencing the economic recovery with jobs and increases in their income.
  • A shout-out to St. Cecelia's congregation for incorporating bringing donations to the food bank in their service. Every Monday morning all year long, we receive about 200 pounds of a wide variety of much appreciated food items.
  • Another shout-out to Bethany Lutheran Church for a grant which provided funds to replace rickety shelving in the food bank storage areas. In addition to increasing our capacity to handle food, the shelves mean volunteers can quickly retrieve food to stock the shopping area of the food bank.

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