Our Mission: Neighbor helping neighbor
—one neighbor at a time

The History of Helpline House

As an ecumenical response to our nation's "War on Poverty," local churchwomen founded Fishline, a volunteer emergency aid program in 1968. It was incorporated in 1973 as Helpline House, a non-profit agency. Volunteer programs that address survival issues started with food bank and transportation assistance, and have grown to include information and referral to local and regional resources, a clothing bank, and medical equipment loan.

We added an Affordable Family Counseling Program in 1992 and a career support program, Skills Plus, in 1995. Our volunteer force has grown to about 100 men, women and young people who are supported by a team of social workers that offers professional support as part of a coordinated system of services.

Helpline House offers connections to neighbors and opens doors to effective resources. The agency is a critical gateway for referrals and other kinds of assistance, and many of our professional services give priority to households who cannot afford counseling fees and are not covered by health insurance.

Add your voice to our circle of giving and receiving help. When you dial our number a REAL person will greet you, ready to listen. This is your neighbor who is offering information and resources about Helpline House and our community.

Helpline House is a partner organization of Bainbridge Island's One Call For All campaign.